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Merel finds her wings

“I was working as a flight attendant at KLM. But unfortunately, Covid-19 changed all that. The course at Winc Academy was an ideal solution: fast, qualitative and practical. After my Beginner’s course, I was hooked!”

Merel Volgers

To see if programming could be something for her, Merel first started with the Web Development for Beginners course in June. This was a perfect choice, because she was immediately enthusiastic!

During the Web Development for Beginners course, Merel found out that she is good at programming. She likes the fact that teachers give a lot of tips and tricks. This makes it easier to use certain code or tools. She also enjoys sparring with fellow students. "When you don't know something or run into a problem, students can often help each other too!"

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Back-End Development
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August 27, 2020
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"During the course you'll get personal mentoring from the teachers. From day one they make sure that you developer the skills you need as a programmer.. You are always encouraged to look for a solution yourself first and are not just given the. solution by a teacher. That's how it goes when you get to work, of course!"

What she likes best about programming is that she can get results quickly and gain and apply more knowledge every time, which allows her to create beautiful things quickly. "It's a good mix between knowledge and creativity that allows you to stand out."

During the short break between the Web Development for Beginners and Front-end Development courses, Merel continued to actively practice programming. "I eventually started the Front-end Development course because I wanted to improve my skills even more."

If you are still unsure whether a course at Winc Academy is something for you, Merel recommends first getting acquainted with programming. "You'll find out soon enough if you find it interesting!"

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