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Lin Ny makes space for ambition

“I was working in healthcare, but I wanted more control over my schedule. I wondered if becoming a web programmer would do that. I took Development for Beginners at Winc Academy, and I became certain that it offered more freedom.”

Lin Ny van Feggelen

For years, I worked in healthcare as a medical secretary/doctor's assistant at a clinic in Amsterdam. I was looking for work outside of healthcare, mainly because I wanted more control over my schedule. I wondered if a job as a web programmer would be better in combination with the other things in my life.

Lin Ny
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Front-End Development
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June 1, 2020
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To figure out the answer, I first took the Web Development for Beginners course at Winc Academy. After this course, I was very enthusiastic, and convinced that this direction would give me more freedom. That's why I decided to continue with Front-End Development course. The courses at Winc Academy were great for me, since they don’t require any specific previous education.

One of the reasons I chose Winc Academy is because you can start from scratch with a short course and find out within a few days whether Front-End Development suits you.

Programming is not only about learning the theory, but also doing it in practice. A lot. At Winc Academy, you start with the hands-on work from day one. You also learn what is possible within programming and where to look to find specific codes for the website that you or your customer want. That's a fun challenge!

The course at Winc Academy is quite tough. But you can maintain contact with your fellow students and ask questions to the teachers using Slack. You also receive extensive feedback on your final assignments, which is really helpful.

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