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JavaScript – what is it used for and why should you learn it?

To bring a web page to life you need JavaScript. Do you want to know exactly what we mean by that? Then read on quickly.

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10 juni 2020

Without JavaScript (JS), we would be looking at web pages that do nothing but display images and text. While CSS is used to animate a web page, JavaScript is used to bring it all to life. JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​in the world. Read on and find out the reasons why you too should learn JavaScript.

JavaScript allows you to interact with the vast majority of web pages you visit. Whether it's filling out a form, browsing photos or registering an account. Most likely JavaScript is behind this and you can surf through web pages carefree.

It is a scripting language that gives us the power to manage various multimedia. Animations are added to images and the content of a page can also be automatically updated. In business, many companies depend on this language. This is to be able to communicate well with their customers.

JavaScript in the current field

We are now in a time in which 'Big Data' plays an important role, which is why it is of great importance for many industries. Although it is not JavaScript itself that contains all this data, JS is what makes it possible to manage this data in the browser. It is the language that creates the necessary functions for interacting with a company through their website.
Employees with these skills are in high demand and their importance should not be underestimated.

Learn JavaScript!

Software development is one of the most in-demand roles in the world. If you are considering a career switch, this makes it very interesting. It doesn't matter what industry you look at. There will always be a need for developers to build technologies, websites and more.

Front-end developers are needed everywhere. Having a skill like JavaScript is therefore hugely beneficial if you're considering a career switch. What's even better, of course, is if you're a full-fledged Front-end Developer. This by mastering even more programming languages ​​and skills. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript make up a large part of the Front-end, while other languages ​​such as Python, PHP, Ruby, and many others help create the Back-end.

Programming for Beginners or the Front-end training

Are your fingers already tingling to start writing code or learning JavaScript? We are happy to help you with this. Learn the basics of programming during the JavaScript Funamentals course . You will also get to know the teaching method of Winc and our teachers.

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