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Is it difficult to learn how to program?

Are you thinking about learning how to program? Then you are probably wondering if this is a good idea. You may also be wondering whether or not it will be too difficult for you.

Luckily, most people say that programming isn’t as difficult as they thought it would be. Want to know why not? Read on!

Is it difficult to learn how to program?
Written by
Dave van der Wal
Dave van der Wal
Content & SEO Specialist
Published on
28 Mei 2021
Am I in the right place?

We often hear that people have doubts because they think they may be too old, may not have the right previous education, may not be able to keep up with the pace of study or may not have enough IT knowledge. But learning to program doesn't have to be that difficult. Your motivation and dedication are much more important than your background and prior knowledge. So yes, you too can become a programmer!

There are several factors that determine how difficult it is to learn to program. In your first encounter with programming, ask yourself the following questions:

We’ll be honest: you will have to invest a fair amount of time to understand the new material. The first pieces of code you lay your eyes on will look mysterious and incomprehensible. But with practice and determination, you will eventually notice that a programming language actually has a fairly logical build-up. As with everything new, you will have to practice if you want to succeed at it. Learning to program is simply not possible without perseverance and a healthy dose of motivation.

Am I smart enough?

Because programming is new to you, a lot of perseverance will be required. Learning to program can sometimes be quite difficult. But this applies to almost all the new things you want to learn. Suppose you want to learn to play the piano. It will also be slow-going and challenging in the beginning. You will have to practice, practice and practice some more if you want to get better. But when you finally manage the Op. 10 Chopin’s No.4, it will all be worth it. The same principle applies to learning to program. Once you get to the point where you understand the basics of programming, you will be ready to have some fun with it.

Do I have what it takes?

Unfortunately, many people still think: “Programming is very complicated and therefore very difficult to learn.” But that’s not a fair statement. If you think that you will master all facets of programming within a month, then you will indeed be in for a rude awakening. Programming consists of many different components, and in principle you could continue to learn about it for the rest of your life. Yet you can master the basics in a short time!

As with learning other new skills, the level of difficulty often depends on the time and the effort you are willing to put into it. If programming fits your personality, you will get satisfaction from learning it and you will find that learning to program really is not that difficult.

Am I the right ‘type’?

The programmer stereotype is disappearing. Fortunately, the image that programming is only reserved for caffeine-overloaded men in a hoodie is a thing of the past. It doesn't matter what your educational background is, your gender or how old you are. There is already such a strong increase in market demand, and that demand will only grow further in the near future. So, anyone who wants to learn is likely to find a job.

More and more people are finding out that they like programming. Just have a look some testimonials from our students. Some of our graduates used to be medical secretaries and flight attendants, football reporters or catering chefs. Now, they’re all Front-End Developers. So yes, you’re just the right type, too!

Which programming language is the hardest to learn?

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to learn the most complex programming languages first. In the beginning, it is also better to leave out the languages ​​that are rarely used. For example, learning esoteric programming languages ​​like Malbolge is not a good idea. These languages ​​are considered to be the most difficult in the world to learn, and they are also not widely used. If you jump right into a very difficult programming language, your motivation is also likely to suffer. You will get stuck more often and your learning process will therefore take much more time.

Which programming language is the best to start with?

It’s a good idea to start with languages ​​that are not that difficult to learn. Think, for example, of the HTML and CSS markup languages ​​or the JavaScript and Python programming languages. By starting with one of these, you will be able to achieve success faster and more often, and this only makes learning more fun. 

The learning path you follow is also very important. Suppose you choose to start with HTML. Then you would do well to first learn how elements work. It is not wise, for example, to start learning by trying to figure out how to create larger forms in HTML.

A good learning path makes learning easier

In principle, you could learn to program on your own. You could read books, watch tutorials, and consult various online resources. However, there are a number of drawbacks to this. It is not the most efficient way to learn, you will not receive personal guidance and you will not receive a certificate that proves your knowledge. 

Following a good learning path with a trainer makes it not only easier to learn to program, but also a lot more fun. You will also receive a certificate upon successful completion of the training. This is very useful when you apply for a new job. 

If you choose Winc Academy, you choose a practical training. Since we are in constant contact with the business community and our teachers are Programmers themselves, we teach our students the skills they need in practice. At Winc Academy, you determine the pace at which you go through the training. If you ever come across a difficult subject, you can take your time for it. If you can't figure it out, our teachers are ready to guide you personally. At Winc Academy, we do everything we can to lower the learning threshold and make the training accessible to everyone.

Is learning to program worth it?

Are you wondering if programming is worth it? While learning to program can be a little difficult, it is well worth the time and effort. 

By learning to program, you will learn the skills of the future, build an amazing CV and improve your future prospects. Even if you don't want to become a Programmer, learning to program can be very valuable. In increasingly more jobs and roles, it is becoming important to know something about code. Programming is becoming increasingly important because of the ‘robot revolution’. Are you curious about this? Then be sure to read this article.

Don't have the time or inclination to read the article? In short, it says that many jobs will disappear in the coming years, but that this is not the case in the IT sector. Since so many jobs will be automated and digitized, all IT functions have a very favorable labor market perspective. 

And don’t forget: by learning to program, you not only improve your future prospects, but you can also earn good money right away.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to have fun while you learn, secure your future, and earn great money? Get in touch with Winc Academy and get started.

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